People Are Talking About King Paris!

“A total fantasy…absolutely incredible, impeccable, and soulful. Long live the KING!”-MICK FLEETWOOD


“What a SHOW you THROW!”-JOHN PAUL DE JORIA (President, Paul Mitchell)


“A King Paris show is not just a concert; it’s an experience- a magical ride across fields of enticing sounds and alluring visions…the vibe is enchanting and more importantly, the music is top-notch, Grammy-nominated fare!”-MAUI ZAN

“While watching a music video, Youtube suggested another-it was KING PARIS, and I was hooked. From the belly dancers onstage to his outfit, to his amazing slide guitar work, he is simply fantastic!” L.A. FAN

“When one attends a KING PARIS extravaganza, you are captured, put under a spell and taken by guitar to far off, musical, magical, moments!-ROBBIE PATTON

“I was absolutely entranced when I first discovered the KING PARIS music video “BOOJI LALA.” The sounds and imagery of all his videos are magical, hypnotic, unique, enchanting, dreamlike, and inspirational.” – JEREMY GARNER, New Zealand

“I saw the KING at Deke’s guitar Festival 2012, and was totally blown away. Intoxicating music, phenomenal guitar playing and tone, tight band, and the belly dancers?…Oh yes…the lovely belly dancers were enchanting! The King rules supreme!-BOB STEINGRABER

“Thanks KING PARIS for the inspiration…mysteries were revealed…you’re awesome!” – John Paul Daniel/Bebo Folk Art